Documents required for admission

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We would like to remind you that FOR ADMISSION, you need to present the following documents:

  •  Referral ticket / medical letter for rehospitalization issued by SUUB (as a result of another continuous hospitalization or day hospitalization).
  • ID card.
  • Health insurance card.
  • Employee certificate specifying the number of sick leave days in the last 12 months.
  • Pension slip.
  • Optional insurance.
  • Any medical documents (discharge tickets, investigations, prescriptions).
  • For foreign citizens or those working in Romania: passport / ID with a photograph, health insurance, European health insurance card, residence permit, and a certificate of employment for those working in Romania.

he discharge of an admitted patient is the responsibility of the attending physician, who will decide on the discharge date. Discharge can also be done at the request of the patient or legal guardians, but under certain conditions.

The patient receives the following documents at discharge:

  • Discharge ticket / medical letter, including: the reimbursement statement for the hospitalization period (for notification), a receipt issued by the hospital’s accounting office, for co-payment cases;
  • recommendations for home treatment (where applicable), instructions regarding dietary and lifestyle.
  • Medical prescription: free or subsidized electronic prescription (if needed).
  • Medical leave certificate (for salaried individuals, upon request).
  • In the case of discharge at the patient’s request, the patient will mention this in writing and specify that they are requesting discharge contrary to medical advice.